Only sold exclusively in salons and spas, not available online.


FacEnvyTM Exfoliate Me
60 ml / 2.03 fl oz
This unique Oxygen Exfoliating Mousse helps make your creams penetrate and removes dead skin cells!
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  • Description

    An exfoliant will remove the corneum layer of your skin, by doing so, it will increase the potency up to 30% of creams and serums to penetrate better into the skin. The refined white foam exfoliates and restores the epidermis's growth cycle, effectively increasing the absorbability of other skin care products while smoothing out the skin's surface.

    With its rich enzymes and powerful antioxidants (green tea), a brightening agent (bearberry extract), and a calming soothing agent (aloe extract), your skin will be renewed and it will bring out the glow of your skin.

    This exfoliator is for anybody including those who experience sensitive, dehydrated skin and who are acne prone.

  • Benefits

    Who choose FacEnvyTM:

    • No microbeads, no mess
    • No parabens
    • Can be used on face, neck and body
    • An ultimate choice for Makeup Artists on the go
    • Achieve a refined finish with every makeup application
    • Refines and exfoliates sensitive skin without irritation

    Make Up Artists be impressed!

    Exfoliate Me will leave you a soft smooth canvas to apply foundations, creams or airbrush without having to deal with dry, rough or uneven skin! WOW your clients every time. And it's easy! Water is not necessary while you are on set, simply apply mousse on dry skin and remove with a soft cloth or cotton pad and apply moisturizer.

    For use at home, simply press a small amount of foam onto the palm of your hand and move mousse into a circular motion very softly all over a dry face and neck. Skin should be cleansed and patted dry before applying Exfoliate Me. Afterwards, rinse and apply moisturizer and enjoy the results!

  • Ingredients
    Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Helps rejuvenate aged tissues and promotes healthy skin, excellent cleansing and detoxifying agent that has ability to remove dead skin cells and toxins while purifying the pores, moisturizer and is soothing to the skin.
    Subtilisin A protein-digesting enzyme that effectively breaks the bond of weakened dead cells on the surface of the skin.
    Cucumis (Cucumber) Sativus Credited with moisture-binding, moisture regulating, soothing, tightening, anti-itching, refreshing, softening, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains amino acids and organic acids that are claimed to strengthen the skin’s acid mantle.
    Camellia (Green Tea) Oleifera A powerful antioxidant due to its catechin content, it is also known to be an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and a stimulant. When applied topically, it can also reduce skin swelling..
    Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) Virginiana It is credited with anti-inflammatory, astringent, and wound-healing properties. In addition, anti-free radical activity is now associated with witch hazel, thereby helping counter the damaging effects of UVA, while acting as an absorber of both UVA and UVB.
    Glycerin A humectants used in moisturizers. It is water-binding and able to draw and absorb water from the air. Some of its associated skin benefits are attributed to its ability to facilitate enzymatic reactions in the skin, promoting corneocyte desquamation.
  • Full list of ingredients:

    Aqua, 1, 3- Butylene glycol, With Hazel Extract, Aloe Extract, Cucumber Extract, Glycerin, Yarrow Extract, Bearberry Extract, Heather Extract, Licorice Extract, Sophora Japonica Extract, Scutellaria, Baicalensis Extract, Polysaccharide, Kojjic Acid (1%), Polythylene Glycol 400, Green Tea Extract, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Olea Europaea (Olive) Bud Extract, Propylene Glycol, Polyqaternium-51, Butane, Subtilisin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, Cyclodextrin, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum