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EyEnvy Holiday Promo


Get the Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

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The Holidays are coming and we want you to have toronto ab combo packagethe opportunity to share the gift of beauty with our Duo EyEnvyTM Special! Our #1 eyelash conditioner in salons & spas across Canada has the combinations of vitamins and strengthening peptides which create the perfect cocktail that enhances the look of your natural eyelashes. And because we want you to have the most fabulous look, we paired it up with our EyEnvyTM INTENSE conditioning mascara! It is the perfect complement to give you longer, fuller and more voluminous lashes while protecting and nourishing them. Not only will you look great for the holidays but you will feel great knowing that you are conditioning your lashes at the same time!

Don't miss out on this awesome combo! Click here to use our location tool, simply fill in your postal code to find the closest salon or spa near you. 

Our duo comes already prepared and beautifully packaged for you to enjoy and share with those around you for the holidays!bow small

If you have questions regarding our EyEnvy conditioner click here to see our "Frequently Asked Questions". And for more information about the products, you download the specification sheets here: 

EyEnvy Conditioner Spec Sheet                     EyEnvy Mascara Spec Sheet

*In participating locations only.

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